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Senator Plett's latest articles and speeches

Senator Plett Speaks to the Second Reading of Bill C-28

Honourable senators, it is so good to see that, depending on whether it suits our purposes or not, our principles about leave as well as other things can change as they need to. We certainly appreciate that. Not to put a damper on anything, but I have about a 75-minute speech here, so that puts us to what time? Sorry, colleagues, the rest of you may not be able to speak. You may as well go home, and Senator Gold and I will take care of the rest of the business. I was reminded by my lovel…
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Speech on the motion to authorize pre-study of Bill C-13

Honourable senators, I rise today to speak to Motion No. 41. As you know, this motion is very similar to Motion No. 42, which we will also be debating later this day. I oppose both of these motions for the same reasons and will thus make most of my remarks on the motion before us now, although my arguments apply equally to both motions. The motion before us now is asking: That, in accordance with rule 10-11(1), the Standing Senate Committee on Official Languages be authorized to exam…
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Speech on the Motion to Extend Hybrid Sittings

Honourable senators, I rise today to speak to the motion to continue hybrid sittings in the Senate. I am sure that it will come as no surprise to you that I am very opposed to this motion. I believe that we have lost all sense of perspective with this pandemic and that we are now failing to fulfill our duties as senators. I acknowledge that there are ongoing challenges and uncertainties with the pandemic, but treating the Senate like it is a long-term care home is an insult to taxpayers…
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Senate Conservative Caucus Leadership

Image Plett, Donald Neil

Leader of the Opposition

Plett, Donald Neil

C - Manitoba (Landmark)

Image Martin, Yonah

Deputy Leader of the Opposition

Martin, Yonah

C - British Columbia

Image Seidman, Judith G.

Whip of the Opposition

Seidman, Judith G.

C - Quebec (De la Durantaye)

Image Poirier, Rose-May

Chair of the Conservative Caucus

Poirier, Rose-May

C - New Brunswick (Saint-Louis-de-Kent)