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Senator Plett's latest articles and speeches

Senator Plett's Speech at the Third Reading of Bill C-12

Honourable senators, I hope Canadians heard Senator Mercer questioning their sanity as depending on who they voted for. I believe Canadians are always right when they vote, and they have always been right when they have elected a Conservative government, as well. Surely to goodness, I would expect that even our fine senators from Nova Scotia would agree that Canadians are right when they elect any government. Now I’m going to talk about this bill. Senator Cordy talked about the good i…
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Senator Plett's Speech on the Emergencies Act

Honourable senators, I also rise today to speak on the government’s motion for confirmation of a declaration of emergency. Let me begin, colleagues, by saying this: The Conservative Party of Canada stands for law and order. We always have and we always will. I am very happy, as I am sure you all are, that the blockades were lifted rather peacefully and without extensive damage to property. I salute the great work of our police forces and the restraint shown by the large majority of pr…
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Speech on the Motion to Authorize Hybrid Sittings

Senator Donald Plett: Honourable senators, I rise today as well to add my voice to the debate on the government’s notice of motion regarding hybrid sittings. Before I begin my remarks, indulge me, please, if you would, colleagues. Sometimes when one doesn’t give quite enough information, then information is assumed and people start thinking certain things and that information is spread around. Pretty soon you’re receiving all kinds of good wishes and so on and so forth, and expressi…
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Senate Conservative Caucus Leadership

Image Plett, Donald Neil

Leader of the Opposition

Plett, Donald Neil

C - Manitoba (Landmark)

Image Martin, Yonah

Deputy Leader of the Opposition

Martin, Yonah

C - British Columbia

Image Seidman, Judith G.

Whip of the Opposition

Seidman, Judith G.

C - Quebec (De la Durantaye)

Image Poirier, Rose-May

Chair of the Conservative Caucus

Poirier, Rose-May

C - New Brunswick (Saint-Louis-de-Kent)