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Senate Conservative Caucus Leadership

Image Plett, Donald Neil

Leader of the Opposition

Plett, Donald Neil

C - Manitoba (Landmark)

Image Martin, Yonah

Deputy Leader of the Opposition

Martin, Yonah

C - British Columbia

Image Seidman, Judith G.

Whip of the Opposition

Seidman, Judith G.

C - Quebec (De la Durantaye)

Image Poirier, Rose-May

Chair of the Conservative Caucus

Poirier, Rose-May

C - New Brunswick (Saint-Louis-de-Kent)


Articles and Speeches by Senator Don Plett

Senator Plett's latest articles and speeches

Welcoming remarks in the Senate at the beginning of the 43rd Parliament

Hon. Donald Neil Plett (Leader of the Opposition):  Thank you, colleagues. Honourable senators, I would like to begin by once again warmly welcoming you all back to this chamber. It’s a pleasure to see each one of you. I look forward to working together with you during this Forty-third Parliament. I would like to congratulate our colleague, the Honourable George Furey, on his continued role as the Speaker of this house. Senator Furey has distinguished himself as an excellent Speaker during th…
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Congratulations to the Winnipeg Blue Bombers on their Grey Cup victory!

Statement by Senator Plett on the Grey Cup Colleagues, I am delighted to rise in this Chamber today to congratulate the Winnipeg Blue Bombers on an outstanding season which culminated in a Grey Cup victory! On November 24th, the Blue Bombers won their 11th Grey Cup, defeating the Hamilton Tiger Cats 38 to 12 and bringing their 29-year drought to an end. 1990 was a long time ago, and that was the last year that the Blue Bombers brought the Grey Cup home. So, by the time playoff season ro…
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Bill C-71 fails to achieve its objectives and should not have been passed

Independent Senators ram deficient legislation through Third Reading vote NEWS RELEASE May 28, 2019 (Ottawa, ON) – Despite hearing strong concerns from law-abiding gun owners across the country, Trudeau-appointed senators today chose to ignore the evidence and pass Bill C-71 without amendment.“This legislation accomplishes nothing of what the government has said it will,” said Conservative Senator Don Plett. “It will not increase public safety, it will not reduce gun violence, and it will not…
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Senator Plett: Bill C-71 utterly and tragically fails to do increase public safety and needs to be defeated

Hon. Donald Neil Plett: Colleagues, this bill was introduced in the other place just over a year ago on March 20. It came to this chamber last fall and has been the subject of much debate and discussion. At second reading it was debated over 12 sittings by 18 senators who spoke to it and by many others who asked questions. At committee we sat for more than 30 hours and heard from 81 witnesses, including two cabinet ministers. The report stage covered four more sittings, with four se…
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Senator Don Plett - Extending background checks for firearms licences will negatively impact public safety

Hon. Donald Neil Plett:  Let me take a few minutes to speak to this. I know there is probably little point. There are probably those who are sitting there thinking that if there is a little point, sit down. I won’t do that. I will speak for a few minutes and hopefully some people will take note and maybe consider the relevance of this good amendment that Senator Tkachuk brought forward. Senator Pratte talked about a poll. I talked about that poll earlier this week. It’s strange how t…
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Senator Don Plett: Parliament must retain oversight of the classification of firearms

"If you sift down through the frustration and exasperation, you find that the problems primarily come down to this: The current system of firearms classification is a blunt instrument, which often results in arbitrary decisions." - Senator Don Plett Hon. Donald Neil Plett:  Honourable senators, I will speak very briefly to this amendment and I would like to thank Senator Dagenais for bringing it forward. It is a good amendment, for all the reasons that Senator Dagenais mentioned and I…
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Senator Don Plett defends firearms owners and debunks changes to Automatic Authorizations to Transport

Hon. Donald Neil Plett:  I would like to add my voice to the debate and thank Senator Richards for this amendment. It’s a great amendment, and it’s probably no surprise to anyone here that I support it. Changing the authorizations to transport is probably the most ludicrous part of this legislation, because it is completely unnecessary. If you bear with me, I would like to briefly explain why it is unnecessary. Senator Richards already touched on some of these areas, but I would like…
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Senator Plett argues in the Senate for public reporting of firearms reclassifications

Hon. Donald Neil Plett:  Honourable senators, I have a few comments to make. I’ll start with addressing what Senator Pratte just said. Senator Pratte is indeed correct that some consideration is being given to making a firearms reference table. Although this is a good step, it is not enough for a number of reasons. First, this disclosure should be mandatory and not voluntary. This amendment would make such disclosure a statutory requirement, not just an aspirational goal. Second, t…
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