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Statement Honouring Senator Victor Oh after Visit to Ancestral Home

The Honourable Victor Oh Hon. Donald Neil Plett: Honourable senators, 130 years ago, Mr. Xu Wah Oh gathered up his meagre belongings, took his wife and three sons, and left his home in Anxi County in the Chinese province of Fujian. They walked down the mountain they lived on, a trek that took more than one full day. They then continued walking another four and a half days to the city of Xiamen where they boarded a sailboat destined for Singapore, a voyage that would take the better part of two…
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Speech on Senator Tannas' Amendment to Bill C-4 (Secret Ballots for Labour Unions)

Hon. Donald Neil Plett: Honourable senators, I rise today to speak briefly to Senator Tannas's amendment to Bill C-4. This amendment addresses the issue that Bill C-4 moves federal legislation away from what has increasingly become the norm in modern Canadian labour relations laws by returning to the old card check system, a process that allows unions to be certified without holding a secret ballot vote if a sufficient number of workers sign up as union members. Foregoing a secret ballot vote p…
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Speech at 2nd Reading of Bill C-16 (Gender Identity)

Hon. Donald Neil Plett: Honourable colleagues, I rise today to speak to Bill C-16, An Act to amend the Canadian Human Rights Act and the Criminal Code, gender identity and expression. I want to start by saying that I believe the intentions of the legislation are good. I believe that efforts to reduce discrimination upon any community should be applauded. However, this bill will not have that positive impact on the community that proponents are claiming it will, and further, there are serious con…
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Speaker's Ruling on Senator Plett's Point of Order (Unparliamentary Language)

ORDERS OF THE DAY Speaker's Ruling The Hon. the Speaker: Honourable senators, I am ready to rule on the point of order raised by Senator Plett yesterday. On February 14, when Senator McPhedran gave her first speech in the Senate, she included the following statement: Last week, when Senator Plett was here, I heard him speak of his opposition to Bill C-16, and I have read some senators' concerns that Bill C-16 and new grammar on trans rights will infringe on their rights. I am not able…
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Senator Plett's Speech on his Point of Order (Unparliamentary Language)

Point of Order Speaker's Ruling Reserved Hon. Donald Neil Plett: Honourable senators, I am rising today on a point of order. Yesterday in this chamber, a senator in her maiden speech, her first speech in the Senate, accused me of bigotry, a charge that is so incredibly insulting, offensive and, of course, inaccurate that I struggle with even dignifying the comments with a response. This was done yesterday, of course, Your Honour, and I wasn't in the chamber yesterday, so this would be my…
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