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Letter to the Editor - Winnipeg Free Press - February 19, 2010
February 19, 2010

To the Editor:


Re: MP on one side, Ottawa and city on other over funding for group (Winnipeg Free Press, Feb. 19, 2010)


Although NDP MP Pat Martin’s misinformed opposition is prominent in this story, oddly enough the strong support that the provincial NDP government, Premier Selinger and provincial Infrastructure Minister Steve Ashton have expressed for this project fails to be reported. Former federal Liberal cabinet Minister Dr. Lloyd Axworthy’s strong support for this project is also strangely absent.


For MP Pat Martin to even suggest that Youth for Christ will be brainwashing youth merely because they are a faith based group is asinine. All levels of government fund faith-based organizations on a regular basis, including the YMCA and Salvation Army.


It truly puzzles me as to why MP Pat Martin would be opposed to this Youth Centre of Excellence that will provide his riding, one of the most poverty stricken ridings in all of Canada, with a 50,000-square-foot youth centre that will afford youth of all backgrounds with accessibility to sport, job training and counseling. Perhaps he should spend more time in his riding of Winnipeg Centre then jetting off to his home in British Columbia and then maybe he would realize what is really needed in Winnipeg.




Senator Donald Neil Plett



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