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Letter to the Editor - The Carillon - March 22, 2010
March 22, 2010

Proud to Be a Canadian


I am writing this letter in response to James Loewen’s March 18th editorial “I’m embarrassed to be a Canadian.”


I have always resisted the temptation to reply to Mr. Loewen’s comments in the past, largely because he has the right to his opinions (however ill conceived they sometimes appear) but also because of the quality reporting of the likes of Grant Buhr, cousin Doris Penner and my (albeit somewhat Liberal) friend Peter Dyck’s editorials that offset Mr. Loewen’s commentary.


But when someone says he is embarrassed to be a Canadian I get my back up.


Although I know that history will prove Prime Minister Stephen Harper as Canada’s best Prime Minister since Confederation and I am proud to have served under his leadership, I have always, first and foremost been proud to be a Canadian.


I never agreed with Pierre Trudeau and his National Energy Program, nor did I agree with Jean Chretien and his AdScam. Nor did I agree with the Liberal’s lack of assistance for our military, or Paul Martin’s absent response to aid during the tsunami in 2004. However, every day during those years I was proud to be a Canadian.


I would urge Mr. Loewen to reflect on our Prime Minister’s and our Government’s response to Haiti compared to other countries before he criticizes. Even Winnipeg Free Press reporter Mia Rabson had praise for our Government and our Prime Minister on Canada’s response to Haiti, and that is rare indeed.


The International Monetary Fund has put Canada’s banking system as the best in the world. Economists around the world have praised Canada for their responsible action to the world’s largest recession since the Second World War. This is a result of the leadership of Prime Minister Stephen Harper.


Now I certainly agree that Canada is a rich nation and we have much to be thankful for. I also agree with the scripture verse found in Luke 12:48 “To whom much is given, much is expected”. Mr. Loewen refers to this scripture as a ‘cliché’. I am not sure whether Mr. Loewen knows the definition of the word ‘cliché’. The definition is “a phrase or opinion that is overused and betrays a lack of original thought.”  I would hardly refer to Christ’s teachings as lacking in original thought.


I do agree that the constituents in Provencher should be asking themselves if Conservatives are a good fit for their personal beliefs and I am indeed thankful that they have done so in the last four elections and voted accordingly.


In the meantime, Mr. Loewen needs to evaluate his patriotism.


God Bless Canada.


Senator Donald Neil Plett


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