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Article - The Carillion, September 24, 2009 – Chamber Humbles Plett by Grant Burr
September 24, 2009

Thinking about being a Senator is nothing compared to actually being sworn in as one.

Though he has thought a lot about what he would so in the role, Don Plett said it was still a bit overwhelming as he was sworn in as one of Canada’s nine new Senators last week.

“It was really, really humbling to be led into the Senate Chamber,” says Plett, who was back in Landmark this week before he heads back to Ottawa in a few days.

 “To be part of that body that is responsible for legislation. To sit and think about that? It never really hit me until I was right there.”

Plett was proud to be sworn in with two Conservative colleagues by his side. Manitoba Senator Terry Stratton was Plett’s ‘Senate Sponsor.’

Stratton has been a personal friend of Plett and the newly-minted Senator credits his long-time friends with convincing him to consider a Senate appointment if it came his way and put aside aspirations Plett held for the recently-available position of Manitoba’s lieutenant governor.  

Yesterday morning Plett said he expected to be receiving his committee assignments later that day. All Senators, he days, are required to sit on three committees. And while Plett would dispute the suggestion a Senate appointment as just a comfy gig, yesterday he did not dispute the fact he has a very comfy chair in the Senate Chamber.

“It feels great to sit in that chair,” he said with a laugh, adding that it’s a honour for him to be sitting right behind current Senator and former television newsman Mike Duffy, who was named to the Senate by Prime Minister Stephen Harper last December.

But the thing most pleasing to Plett was the chance to have many members of his family there to share in the experience including, but not limited to, his wife Better, his four sons, and his mother and father. He says Senator Marjory LeBreton, Leader of the Government in the Senate, suggested Plett had brought half of Manitoba with him to the ceremony.

“I don’t think my dad has had many moments that he has been prouder,” said Plett specifically of his dad, Archie, “It meant an awful lot to him.”

The Senate appointment means Plett has to resign his position as National President of the Conservative Party of Canada, a position he held for several terms.


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