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Tribute Statement in Honour of the Late Gordon Keith Brown, M.P.


The Late Gordon “Gord” Brown, M.P.

Hon. Donald Neil Plett: Colleagues, I find that we are doing this far too often. This is the third time in less than four or five months that I have stood here to pay tribute to one of our colleagues and friends. Senator Enverga only a few months ago, Donna Richardson a week ago, and now our good friend Gord Brown.

I was a little closer to Gord than I am to many members of the House of Commons, for a few reasons. One of them was that Gord was the whip in the other place for the Conservative Party for quite some time. So we would share ideas, and we would share stories. Gord had been the whip before I was, and he would give me some instructions. Claudine works in Senator Wells’s office. Their son Tristan regularly came into my office for a piece of chocolate, and, if I wasn’t there, he knew where the chocolate was. I would come in there, and he would be in there by himself having a piece of chocolate.

Gord and I shared many of the same likes away from here. One of them certainly was having a good glass of wine, and another one was our love of sports. Gord was much more avid about sports than I was. I haven’t skated for quite some time. But we certainly had an equal love for hockey, and Gord played up until the very end.

We will certainly miss Gord. I’m hoping that those of us on our side and even others who see Claudine and Tristan will give them support. Chance isn’t here that often, but certainly Tristan is. And Claudine will continue to be. She still hasn’t come back. She is tending to very difficult matters right now, and our prayers are with Claudine and the entire family.

On behalf of our Conservative caucus, thank you very much for your warm wishes and your prayers. We will continue to need them, as Claudine will continue to need them. Thank you very much.

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