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Statement Honouring The Red River Wild PeeWee Hockey Team


Hon. Donald Neil Plett: Honourable colleagues, I rise today to congratulate the Peewee Division champions of the Canada 150 Bell Capital Cup, the Red River Wild Peewee hockey team. The Red River Wild from Morris, Manitoba, was chosen to represent Manitoba in the Peewee division of the prestigious annual Bell Capital Cup in Ottawa. This great Manitoba team played against teams from all over the country, playing Yukon in the final and beating them 4-0.

The Red River Wild performed beyond any of their coaches’ or parents’ wildest expectations. Not only was the team undefeated in the tournament, but no team was able to score a single goal against them. They played six games in the tournament, outscoring their competition 39-0. They even came first place in the skills competition.

The team had a wonderful time in Ottawa, playing at the Canadian Tire Centre, taking in an NLH game, visiting the Sens House, touring the Canada Aviation and Space Museum, indulging in some beaver tails and my office was thrilled to host them for a private tour of Parliament. Being New Year’s Eve, the team truly had the place to themselves. Even though it was New Year’s Eve, I want to thank our Usher of the Black Rod in the Senate, Mr. Greg Peters, who was kind enough to take the team into the Senate Chamber for a great chat about the role of the Senate and to take some wonderful photos. Mr. Peters was also generous enough to present the team with a book about the Senate and a commemorative coin.

Unfortunately, I was out of the country during their visit but was thrilled to have the opportunity to talk to the team by phone and hear all about their big win. I am told that the team was so dynamic, unified and strong that the people in the tournament kept calling them “the Killer Bees.”

Peter Funke, a lifelong friend of mine, is the father-in-law of Kevin Clace, a parent and a team spokesperson, as well as the grandfather of star player Ethan Clace. I think Mr. Clace characterized the team best when he said they represented the spirit of the Prairies. Every one of those people — those fans, those community members and their sponsors — are the ones who come together to form a piece of team Manitoba, and they all have a part of that championship win.

Colleagues, please join me in congratulating “the Killer Bees” themselves, the Red River Wild Peewee hockey team, the pride of Manitoba, on their stunning achievement.

Hon. Senators: Hear, hear!

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